For novices and experienced collectors alike, Collecting and Care of Fine Art is a thorough examination of the intricacies of the art market. Written by a professional art dealer, this book covers all phases of buying, selling, and caring for works of art, from auctions and insurance to restorations and appraisals. Carl David’s advice to the layman is invaluable, covering such topics as the characteristics of a gallery and its proprietor that will assure forthright dealings; what deals to avoid; the criteria to be followed by the beginner about to make his first purchase; precautions to take in the conservation of paintings, from simple cleaning to restoration techniques such as in-painting and relining


For the art collector, indispensible information is provided, including details of shipping and insuring works of art, how to gauge the competence of an appraiser, the many elements that influence art prices, the tax benefits and liabilities of art investment, and much more. From the investor’s point of view, fine art is an attractive money shelter, with both corporate and individual investors entering the art market in record numbers. The author’s professional experience in both buying and selling fine art enables him to explain growth potential of a work of art, as well as the details that every investor must know. Of special value is the author’s advice on the types of art that will make good investments and his listing of the major European and American schools of painting, with some of the representative artists of each school. A list of recommended galleries and museums guides the collector in researching the field and broadening his knowledge. Collecting and Care of Fine Art is a practical and wide-reaching guide that collectors and investors may turn to with confidence.